The Saint Andrew's Society of the State of New York, the state's oldest established charitable organization, for over 257 years has provided aid to troubled Scots and their descendents.  The Society's Almoner's Program reviews, provides and monitors the aid given to those in need, want or distress. 

The aid the Society offers may be for the purchase of a needed medical device, attempts to arrange for pro-bono legal work, help in applying for a green card, supplementing an inadequate income as a temporary measure, or longer term, for older needy Scots monthly payments to close the gap between government entitlement payments and their minimum financial needs.   

We work closely with a professional social worker to help navigate the complex entitlement system. We also provide funds for a one-time emergency such as those caused by Hurricane Irene and Super Storm Sandy. Recipients are assisted by Almoner Committee members who visit their respective charges regularly to ensure their proper care and support.  Most importantly, we try to connect with fellow Scots and people of Scottish descent to share our heritage and traditions to create a better community

The Almoner's Committee is actively pursuing Scots in need in our geographic area.  If a Scot in need is known to any reader, please contact the Society.