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Almoner's Program

The Almoner’s Program continues the work of the Society’s original mission to support those of Scottish birth or descent who are in need. Through this program, financial assistance is provided to the elderly, the terminally ill, the disabled and families and children in crisis.

The Almoner's Committee works with social service organizations to identify recipients. Stipend recipients receive financial assistance in addition to personal support from our social worker and committee members.

As an example, recently the Committee was able to help Charlotte, a native Scot, who had lost her job and was in danger of homelessness. Through the Society's assistance, Charlotte was able to get back on her feet and is on her way to a full financial recovery.

“Without your help I can only imagine where I might be right now. Your staggeringly generous assistance has saved not just a roof over my head, but my home.”  - Charlotte (Society Beneficiary)

The Almoner’s Committee continues its daily commitment to providing hands-on care to Scots in need.

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