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We are pleased to share this great news about MADMAN written and performed by Jake Austin Robertson, a former Saint Andrew's Society scholar. His play at Theatre Row: 410 West 42nd Street, NYC has been selected as an All About Solo Critic's Choice and receives Glowing FIVE STAR reviews!

Excerpt from Nadia Ascencio's "The Furious Madness of Jake Austin Robertson":  "To call Jake Austin Robertson’s “Madman” a solo performance is to mislead; it’s a tour de force populated by a vibrant cast of distinct characters who seamlessly emerge, one from the other, through a single conduit who is both skilled and fearless in his delivery...I have not witnessed as powerful a performance in a solo work since John Leguizamo’s masterpiece, “Mambo Mouth.”  Mr. Robertson’s brave willingness to share his story is the stuff that true art is made of."  To read the full article follow this link:

Excerpt from Austin Kaiser's "Madly in Love with the Madman":
"See this play if you like tight acting and story. This play is constructed like the inside of a microorganism. Every doohickey has a purpose. Jake milks each joke. He knows when to wink at the audience to break the tension, and when to keep the audience on their toes, stuck in the emotional moment...In this play, two high-quality narratives twist together like steel cables. It’s a feat for Jake and a treat for us." To read the full article, follow this link:

For More Information about MADMAN, go to our events page.

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